Fiberoptic Luminometer

PC Board Xray Inspection

Ice Core CT System

Rocket Motor Transporter


Synergistic Detector Designs specializes in the development of visible light, x-ray, gamma and neutron imaging systems which are used to acquire, quantify, and analyze data in real-time.

We innovatively use CCD cameras and other solid state detectors to provide solutions to a wide variety of challenges brought to us by our clients.

We have produced imaging systems for the photonics, aeronautics, nuclear power, defense, biomedical, and health care industries, in addition to our work in the areas of printed circuit board inspection and manufacturing quality control. 

Our services range from designing inspection and detector systems, to developing software control packages and massive, fully automated robotic handling equipment.

We can bring a product to market as a self-contained “turn-key” device, or as a sub-component system designed to fit into an existing package or application.