Proprietary line of optical filters

Synergistic Detector Designs is capable of meeting the new and ever changing demands of the technology marketplace.

Because of our unique experience as systems engineers and developers, we regularly receive requests from manufacturers, universities and governmental agencies to act as the catalyst for the development of new products and applications to meet a wide variety of needs.

From the development of portable real time medical imaging systems, to miniature cameras, to the manufacture of airbag inspection systems for the automobile industry, Synergistic Detector Designs (SDD) is consistently sought out as an expert on adapting natural light and x-ray systems to various inspection applications.

We have designed and managed fabrication of complex medical imaging devices for various laboratory and research applications. Our experience includes development and fabrication of a 96 well fluorescence detector utilizing an intensified CCD camera. We are currently fabricating for one client a luminometer plate reader using a cooled intensified CCD camera.

Fiber optic detectors which we developed can image defects and cracks smaller than 0.001 inch; in addition to ones which identify sub-microscopic particals traveling at close to the speed of light. These system designs were compact and self-shielded, allowing them to fit into existing product specifications.

High volume, low cost components such as printed circuit boards are routinely checked by SDD designed systems. One such system inspects 14,000 cubic centimeters of titanium chip per minute, with a resolution of 0.003 inch.